Executive Search & Selection

Resumé is a consulting company with total quality in all aspects as our top management star!

You will find us centrally located in the vibrant business environment at Lysaker, just outside Oslo.

Discreet, targeted and efficient

Our subject is the recruitment of senior managers, middle managers and key roles.
Our goal is to be our clients' foremost advisors and ambassadors.

The power lies in our sincere commitment to delivering bespoke solutions to our clients. Through our active searches, extensive and relevant network of sources, as well as structured processes, we ensure an efficient and targeted search for the best qualified candidates.

We are action. We don't just promise results, we deliver them. Humbled in the face of challenges, committed to quality and integrity, we know that our work defines us -- and our successes bind us.


We find the best candidates through targeted searches in established networks and the right channels.


We evaluate candidates instructured processes, tests and personal evaluations.


We only undertake assignments that we are sure to solve in an outstanding way and we guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Because you want results!

Markets, needs and people are constantly changing. That's why we always start all missions with new blank sheets and a focused gaze. We find solutions for great results over time!

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Resumes are advisors before, during and after a recruitment. This is because it is valuable to work together over time. We always carry out missions with a long-term perspective, for the good of all involved.

We only undertake assignments that we are confident of solving in an outstanding manner and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with what we deliver.

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Our Clients

We are humbled and proud that our customer list represents several of the most prominent and well-known companies and brands in Norway, and internationally.
At the same time, we are particularly proud to have clients that we have assisted from a start-up and total unknown, to take a significant position in their industry.
It's all about the people — the right people!